PARC National Turtle Task Team

PARC is initiating a National Turtle Task Team to facilitate, coordinate, and guide North American turtle conservation.

PARC’s mission: Forging proactive partnerships that facilitate conservation of amphibians, reptiles, and the places they live.

The Mission of PARC’s Turtle Task Team:

To facilitate and guide action through public-private partnerships to conserve native, North American turtle populations.

Key Objectives of the PARC’s Turtle Task Team:

  1. Identify greatest issues and concerns related to the understanding and management of native, North American turtle populations.
  2. Coordinate and develop partnerships, strategies, and tools to address broad-scale, North American turtle conservation issues.
  3. Provide a centralized online location where turtle conservation outreach products, resources, and contacts are available.

National Turtle Task Team Co-Chairs:

Cristina Jones, Turtles Project Coordinator, Arizona Game and Fish Department

Noelle Rayman-Metcalf, Endangered Species Biologist, New York Field Office, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Questions can be sent to: