Amphibian Week 2024

Amphibian Week was started in 2020 by the Partners in Amphibian and Reptile Conservation (PARC) and partners as a way to increase awareness about amphibians and to celebrate all things amphibian. It is celebrated annually the first full week of May.

Mark your calendars for our Amphibian Week 2024 celebration! This year’s theme will be Extreme Athletes: Amphibian Edition. We’ll celebrate May 5-11th, 2024.

A dark background has yellow text overtop it saying : Extreme Athletes: Amphibian Edition. Below it is the Amphibian Week logo and a treefrog looking to the right at a gold medal. Inside the medal is the text: May 5-11, 2024. At the bottom of the graphic is the text

2024 Daily Themes

  • Sunday, May 5:   Opening Ceremony
  • Monday, May 6: Training and Warm Up Day
  • Tuesday, May 7:  Aquatics
  • Wednesday, May 8:  Gymnastics
  • Thursday, May 9: Track and Field
  • Friday, May 10: Awards Ceremony: Focus on Amphibian Allies
  • Saturday, May 11: Closing Ceremony: Actions for Amphibians

Social Media Toolkit

Are you looking for ideas and/ or inspiration for posts? If so, we will provide a social media toolkit which will include sample posts you can copy and paste, photo sources, and more! Be sure to use our official Amphibian Week hashtags and consider tagging PARC!

Are you in need of images to use on social media?! If so, we have sample graphics available, several of which are multilingual!


Graphic with light green blocky border on top and bottom. A green frog with large eyes and toe pads stares straight ahead. It sits on a blade of grass. Below it is the text "2024 Social Media Toolkit" and then the Amphibian Week logo.
A parody of the song “What if God Was One of Us”. Written by Eric Brazilian and performed by Billy B for #AmphibianWeek. Frogs are under many environmental pressures; pesticides, fungus introduced by non native species, habitat destruction and changing climate.

Amphibian Athlete Contest on Facebook

Get ready for #AmphibianWeek 2024! Our partners have selected amphibian contenders that are vying for the title of the best #AmphibianAthlete.

Beginning Sunday May 5th at 8:00 am ET, we will post all of the amphibian athletes and reasons for their selection on the PARC Facebook page. You can vote via ‘likes’ on each photo. Voting will continue through Thursday May 9th at 9:00 pm ET. The direct folder link is here.

The top three contenders with the most ‘likes’ will be announced as our champions on Friday May 10th.

2024 K-12 Art Contest

Congratulations to all the talented artists who participated in our 2024 K-12 Amphibian Week Art Contest! Your creativity and passion for amphibians have truly shone through in your incredible artwork and descriptions of their athletic prowess!

For this contest, we had five entry categories, and you can see the winners below!

  • Grades K-1 students
  • Grades 2-3 students
  • Grades 4-5 students
  • Grades 6-8 students
  • Grades 9-12 students

2024 Events

Let’s get hopping! If you are holding events, either in-person or online, we want to help advertise them for you. If you have an event that you would like us to add to the Amphibian Week 2024 map, please fill out the information below. All events will be added to the Amphibian Week Padlet shown below. If you would like to add your event(s), please fill out the form here. You can also see a list of events here. Before heading outside, consider checking out our Intro to Ethical Outdoor Practices for some simple guidelines to consider.

Save-the-date! We will host several official Amphibian Week events, and we hope that you will consider hosting your own, too! For education and outreach ideas, check out our page here.

  • May 2nd: Unleashing the Power of iNaturalist for Community Science (Online); 4:00-5:00 pm PT
  • May 4th: Q?rius kick off event @ the Natural History Museum; 10:00-12:30 pm ET
  • May 5th: National Zoo Event @ the Reptile House; 10:00-2:00 pm ET
  • May 6th: Amphibian Week Info Event outside the USDA Whitten Building; 10:00-1:30 pm ET
  • May 7th: Wild Hope: The Frog Ark film screening & reception @ the National Zoo; 6:30-8:30 pm ET
  • May 8th: Frog Song Storytime (Online); 3:00-3:45pm ET
  • May 9th: Salamander Season Storytime (Online); 3:00-3:45pm ET
  • May 10th: Meet the Amphibians (Online); 2:00-3:00 pm ET
  • May 11th: Community Science Bioblitz Nature Walk @ the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History and Sea Center; 6:30-7:30 pm PST

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