Inventory and Monitoring

PARC completed a comprehensive guide to inventory and monitoring of amphibians and reptiles in North America.

Inventory and Monitoring: Recommended Techniques for Reptiles and Amphibians, with application to the United States and Canada

PARC Inventory and MonitoringRecommended Techniques for Reptiles and AmphibiansEditors: Gabrielle J. Graeter, Kurt A. Buhlmann, Lucas R. Wilkinson, and J. Whitfield Gibbons

The PARC Inventory and Monitoring: Recommended Techniques for Reptiles and Amphibians book provides an excellent resource for biologists, land managers, consultants, and particularly those who are non-herpetologists, to understand the animals in their geographic area of interest. This project has been supported by the US Forest Service and the Department of Defense.

This book differs from other recent book projects [e.g., Reptile Diversity (University of California Press); Amphibian Ecology and Conservation. A Handbook of Techniques (Oxford University Press)] in the following ways:

The PARC Technical ReportInventory and Monitoring: Recommended Techniques for Reptiles and Amphibians:

  • Includes both Amphibians AND Reptiles
  • Is written for target audiences that include:
    1. Government agency land managers or biologists (e.g., US Forest Service, US Fish & Wildlife Service, and state fish & wildlife agency personnel)
    2. Environmental consultants
    3. Researchers, biologists, or land managers without herpetological background or training
  • Has a summary of each sampling technique that differentiates between use for inventory versus monitoring, outlines the utility and limitations of each, and provides a detailed list of equipment necessary for each technique
  • Contains a reference matrix listing all U.S. and Canadian species by PARC region and indicates suggested techniques for every species for two levels of inventory (short-term and comprehensive) and two levels of monitoring (presence/absence and population status).
  • Was designed to apply to PARC regions of the United States and has applicability to Canada and northern Mexico
  • Has color photography demonstrating specific techniques

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