PARCAS: Priority Amphibian and Reptile Conservation Areas Amphibians and reptiles are experiencing exceptional declines, with habitat loss and fragmentation among the leading threats to both groups. Furthermore, municipalities, land trusts, […]

Timber Rattlesnake Conservation Action Plan

PARC is pleased to announce that The Timber Rattlesnake: Life History, Distribution, Status, and Conservation Action Plan is now available for purchase. This plan was developed by a team of more than seventy-five concerned rattlesnake biologists from federal and state agencies, universities, and private institutions, as well as environmental consultants and private citizens.

Habitat Management Guidelines

Habitat alteration, fragmentation and loss are collectively considered to be the primary challenge in the conservation of amphibians and reptiles (i.e., herpetofauna). With herpetofaunal populations declining, and human populations expanding and using more land, PARC has developed a series of regionally specific best management practices, or Habitat Management Guidelines (HMGs) to provide proactive guidance for improving the compatibility of land management practices with these animals.

Demographic and Atmospheric Survey

In 2018, the PARC Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Task Team (DEITT) implemented a survey with the overall goal of assessing the demographics of our membership and members' current perceptions regarding PARC's efforts to support and foster diversity, equity, and inclusion at annual meetings.

Annual Reports

Each year PARC publishes an annual report to highlight its progress and accomplishments. You can download and read PARC's annual reports here.

Strategic Plan

The mission of Partners in Amphibian and Reptile Conservation (PARC) is to forge proactive partnerships to conserve amphibians, reptiles and the places they live. Our ultimate vision is of a society where amphibians and reptiles are valued for their importance in our natural and cultural heritage and are considered in all conservation and land management decisions.