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Welcome to the PARC Amphibian and Reptile education resource page! We hope to use this space to include activities developed by our network and partners as well as by other other organizations. Please check back as we will add new resources as they become available. 

Spotted Salamander by Brian Gratwicke CC by 2.0

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NEPARC 2023 Attendees Learning about Turtles in Trouble

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Going outside to look for amphibians and reptiles is always a rewarding activity. However, it is also important to recognize certain field etiquette to ensure our herps are inadvertently being harmed in the process. Before heading outside, consider checking out our Intro to Ethical Outdoor Practices for some simple guidelines to consider. In addition, if you are taking students outside to inventory plants and wildlife on school or community grounds, check out this resource by Project WILD.  

Another idea is to create habitat for ‘herps’ (reptiles and amphibians) in your backyard, at your school, or in a community space. Southwest PARC has a great guide for Creating Habitat for Reptiles and Amphibians. The National Wildlife Federation also has a page on Five Tips to Help Frogs and Toads in Your Yard.

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