Herpetofaunal Disease Alert System (HDAS)

The PARC Disease Task Team (DTT) has created an amphibian and reptile disease alert email for people in the USA and Canada to report an incident of sick, dying, or multiple dead amphibians or reptiles. The PARC DTT maintains a current list of appropriate individuals to contact in the USA and Canada. To submit a possible case of amphibian or reptile disease, simply send an email to: herp_disease_alert@parcplace.org , with the information below:

Include in your email:

  1. Your name and e-mail address (for any follow-up questions)
  2. Date of observation
  3. What you saw,
  4. Where it was,
  5. What types of animals were involved (species [if you are sure of the identification], life stage [eggs, larvae, subadults, adults]),
  6. Is it ongoing (only dead or decayed animals, some sick-looking animals that are alive?),
  7. Any photos or other relevant information

The Federal, State or Provincial contacts for herpetofaunal diseases will be alerted, and they may contact you further for additional information. Following the report, the managing agency will make a decision on whether or not a follow-up action is needed. This system will help us to facilitate early detection and rapid response actions, where possible. It will also aid our understanding of the scope and severity of emerging infectious diseases. Thank you in advance for your help to keep our herps healthy!

Amphibian and reptile disease alert system diagram showing a picture of dead amphibians with the text: what can I do? There is an arrow that points to the text PARC DTT with the email herp_disease_alert@parcplace.org and another arrow pointing to the disease reporting authority for jurisdiction.

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