Amphibian Week

Amphibian Week was started in 2020 by the Partners in Amphibian and Reptile Conservation (PARC) and partners as a way to increase awareness about amphibians and to celebrate all things amphibian. It is celebrated annually the first full week of May.

Mark your calendars for our 2024 celebration! This year’s theme will be Extreme Athletes: Amphibian Edition. We’ll celebrate May 5-11th, 2024. To help us follow everyone’s awesome information, please use the hashtag #AmphibianWeek on your posts!

International Amphibian Week

Amphibian Week Posters

Download our free #AmphibianWeek posters designed by ila with Frog Cult and licensed under CC by SA 3.0. Request digital files to print on your own. The link to download will come with the three posters shown below at an 8x 11″ size as well as a combined poster that is larger. To help us keep track of interest/use, we are asking you to fill out the following form. Once we receive your request, we will email you the files to print.

Meet An Amphibian Biologist Videos

Want to learn more about amphibians and meet some folks who study amphibians? If so, check out our series of Meet an Amphibian Biologist videos below! You can also visit the playlist on YouTube here.

Amphibian Week Merchandise

Celebrate #AmphibianWeek in style and help Partners in Amphibian and Reptile Conservation in the process by purchasing some of our Amphibian Week gear on Threadless.

Additional Resources