Education & Outreach

One of the pillars of PARC’s strategic plan is to grow our network, and education and outreach is a big part of that goal. Below are education and outreach initiatives and resources.

Amphibian Week

Celebrated during the first week in May, #AmphibianWeek is designed to increase awareness of amphibians and the need for their conservation.

PARC Educational Materials

Snake Brochures

Diamondback Terrapin Education

Every Turtle Counts

The loss of adult turtles can contribute to population declines. When people take turtles out of the wild, they put entire populations at risk. Therefore, #EveryTurtleCounts.

Amphibian Week 2022

The theme of Amphibian Week 2022 is "What Are Amphibians?"

Past Taxa-based Campaigns

View past years' taxa-based campaigns.