Habitat in Focus

The Habitat in Focus campaign is an entirely new approach to PARC outreach that concentrates on preserving, creating and restoring high quality habitat for herpetofauna.


Amphibians and reptiles are experiencing exceptional declines, with habitat loss and fragmentation among the leading threats to both groups. Furthermore, municipalities, land trusts, land managers and large land owners are increasingly seeking guidance in identifying discrete areas of the landscape that provide exceptional biodiversity value. In response, PARC developed the Priority Amphibian and Reptile Conservation Areas (PARCAs) project.

Habitat Management Webinars

Watch our playlist of webinars on habitat management techniques that will benefit amphibians and reptiles.

Climate Change and Herpetofauna

As scenarios of variable climate conditions unfold, species at the limits of their environmental tolerances will be especially at risk. In addition to predicting effects of altered climates on herpetofauna, management alternatives need to be designed to ensure habitat quality and connectivity. Vulnerabilities will need to be assessed.