If there is information for an event related to natural resource conservation that you want us to post to this page, please contact parc_coordinators@parcplace.org and include the name of the event, a link to the website, the dates, and location.

The World and Me: Amphibian Week Kickoff

Learn more about your place in the world through explorations of nature and culture. Come celebrate Amphibian Week with a special kickoff event at The World & Me inside Q?rius, The Coralyn W. Whitney Science Education Center! Join us Saturday, May 4th, as we learn about amphibians with our friends from the USDA Forest Service, US […]

Vernal Pool Exploration

Join us on Sunday, May 5th, as we kick off Amphibian Week by exploring the fascinating world of vernal pools! Vernal pools are seasonal wetlands that typically fill with snow melt and spring rains but dry out during the summer months. Because of the seasonal nature of these pools, fish are unable to survive in […]

Family Frog and Salamander Walk

May 7, 2024; 7:00 -9:00 pm ET Hyde Farm Park- 3001 Bells Ferry Road NE Marietta, GA 30066 Join us for a leisurely walk along the trails of Hyde Farm Park. During the walk, we'll practice identifying frogs by their calls and seek salamanders to identify them. The event is open to all ages; minors […]

Discovering Amphibians- Virtual Program

Join us for this special program as we celebrate Amphibian Week. Learn about amphibians, get an up-close look of some of them and chat with an amphibian expert. This virtual school program is part of Conservation Classroom, a collection of monthly lessons for K-5 students. Each lesson has four elements: wonder (video), engage (live virtual […]

Frog Song- the Story of Toughie Storytime Webinar

Join us for a captivating tale of Toughie, the last Rabb's fringe-limbed treefrog as we read "Frog Song" by Megan Hollingsworth. This storytime session will cover the life of Toughie, a treefrog from Panama whose story brings to light the desperate plight of frogs and salamanders around the globe. The storytime will include a dramatic […]

Amphibian Week Herp Walk

Join us for an amphibian walk on May 8, 2024 or May 11, 2024 from 7:30 to 10:30 pm (Mountain Time) at the CSU Environmental Learning Center at 2400 S. County Rd 9. Bring a headlamp or flashlight, weather appropriate clothing, and a good pair of rain or muck boots, and be ready to look […]

Glowing Amphibians Homeschool Workshop

The PEA Studio- 1465 Canton Rd. Suite 100 Marietta, GA 30066 In this workshop, we'll discuss the difference between the two types of glow- bioluminescence and biofluorescence, and which amphibians have been found to fluoresce. We will also create our own glowing amphibian art to take home (students will also get to take home their […]

Salamander Season – A Journey into Amphibian Wonders

Join us for an enchanting storytime webinar as we dive into the captivating world of "Salamander Season," a heartwarming tale that follows the adventures of a young girl and her scientist father on a chilly, rain-soaked spring night to observe spotted salamanders as they migrate. The storytime will include a dramatic reading followed by a […]

Amphibian Week Walk and Talk

Alachua Conservation Trust is partnering with USGS for a special Amphibian Week Walk and Talk. The walk will be led by USGS SE Amphibian Research and Monitoring Initiative biologists. The event will be at Prairie Creek Preserve at 3:00 pm. Meet at the Witness Tree Junction. More information can be found on the ACT webpage […]

Protistan Pathogen Perkinsea Webinar

The Partners in Amphibian and Reptile Conservation Disease Task Team (PARC DTT) seminar series will cover various topics related to reptile and amphibian health and diseases. Severe Perkinsea Infection is an emerging amphibian disease linked to infectious protozoa. Its emergence has already impacted conservation efforts for the critically endangered dusky gopher frog (Rana sevosa) and […]