2012 Year of the Lizard

Conservation groups in partnership with PARC are designating 2012 as the Year of the Lizard

Why Lizards, and Why Now?

The growth of human communities and our effects on natural habitats are having its toll on our lizards, as for so many other taxonomic groups. Habitat loss and fragmentation is the main threat to lizards, but other factors are being raised as issues as well: overexploitation, predation, and climate variation. Most of these concerns have solutions. With some focused attention, we can engineer a future for lizards within our human-dominated world.

The “2012 –Year of the Lizard” campaign is sponsored by Partners in Amphibian and Reptile Conservation to raise awareness for lizard conservation. As 2012 unfolds, we will shine a spotlight on our amazing lizard fauna and highlight the work of researchers, land managers, and the public to develop conservation measures to identify threats and forestall losses at local levels. Here, we provide a brief background on our lizards today, identify urgent needs for the conservation of this fauna, and outline actions that can aid their persistence. With place-based management, local populations can thrive. This is a taxonomic group that can benefit by Citizen Science actions, meaning that YOU can help. Throughout the year, we will be raising awareness of the issues surrounding lizards through press releases, newsletters, photo contests, and related events. We believe that citizens, natural resource managers, scientists, and the pet and food and related industries can work together to address issues and to help ensure long-term survival of lizard species and populations.

Threats to U.S. Lizards

  • The main threats to lizards are:
  • Habitat loss, degradation, and fragmentation
  • Over-exploitation
  • Predation
  • Climate variation

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Year of the Lizard Outreach and Education Resources

Year of the Lizard Partners

Year of the Lizard partners include any group that would like to join in our 2012 event to advance lizard conservation, education, or research.