Relocation, Reintroduction, Translocation, and Headstarting

Relocation, Reintroduction, Translocation, and Headstarting (RRTH) projects are being used as stop-gap measures for rare species conservation relative to a variety of conservation concerns. These approaches can have high costs in terms of money and mortality of precious rare animals, hence lessons learned from ongoing efforts are important to convey. Our spreadsheet attached below is an initial compilation of projects for amphibians, reptiles and turtles, and will be updated occasionally. Contact information is provided if you would like to ask specific questions about successes or failures to project leaders. Please submit your spreadsheet additions and revisions to: Worldwide projects can be added. Many thanks to PARC’s RRTH Task Team members JD Kloepfer and Tracey Tuberville for their hard work to initiate this effort.

April 15, 2011 version available here

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